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Advertising and Media

Melky Celebration offering various sort of Advertisement in order to engaged the more potential customer as they can bring more set of people to make gain use of the advertisement.

An advertisement of a particular launch or a product description are to be represented with the following set of advertising methodologies.

This is an outstanding platform to delivering all social and commercial issues and also communicated with business branding infomercials. Advertising methods are varies from business to business, its accessible to multi-tasking programs.



Customer Testimonials:

A customer testimonial allows a user to do the talking the benefits of your media company. These ads are considered to be a better form of advertising and enable the trustworthy announcement.

Performance Proof:

Performance Proof is an unique set of advertisement that is released after a big event. You want to showcase how you handled a big events, this is an effective way to enrich the advertisement.

Ambient advertising:

Ambient advertising refers to intrusive ads in public places. It provides less cost marketing skyrocketing of a particular product.

Virtual advertisement:

It is the high end of all type of advertisement using computer technologies to take more advantage of the advertisement whether it is a product or an event.

Virtual advertisement tend to increase the feedback of the particular product that has been launched and various features are shared to enhances the advertisement.

Different type of Advertisements:

  • TV Media
  • Radio FM
  • Online
  • Bill board
  • In-store
  • Infomercials
  • Mobile Ads
  • Celebrity Brandings
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Print
    • Magazines
    • Newspaper
    • Classifieds

Mock up Brandings:

  • Billboard Mockup
  • Trade Exhibition Mock up
  • Truck – Mini Auto – Tempo Trailer Mockup
  • Banner Standup
  • X Banner
  • DVD Case Mockup
  • Table Tent Mockup
  • Shopping Bag Mockup
  • Pizza Box Mockup
  • Carton Mockup
  • Wall Poster


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