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Candid Photo and Videography

Wedding Photography and Videography with professional and unobtrusive module..

Wedding Date: 8-9 June 2014

Event particulars are as follow:

  • Full HD Video pax 2
  • Full HD Photography pax 3
  • Digital Albums for actuals and candid module.
  • Montage Videos
  • Indoor & Outdoor Shoots
  • Large size Wall Hanging Potrait



1st year birthday party decorations

This Birthday Party Client has to booked the event particulars as follow:

Stage Backdrop with Scale-up, hanging of crystals, in the center of backdrop we place full round radial shape frame, beyond this place a LED parcan lightings, in form of Balloon arch Decoration on Stage Backdrop,at Hall Entrance, with helium balloon hanging at stage ceiling, with basic sounds&mic, Stage Air Cooler etc.,

Wedding Reception Stage Decorations

The wedding event decorations particulars are:

Backdrop Decoration

  • Bride & Groom Backdrop
  • Center Partition
  • Reception Rose Petals (Maalai)

Mandap Lightings

  • LED Serial Lightings
  • LED Parcons
  • Green Halogen Lights

Home Decors

  • Halogen Lights
  • Samiyana & Sidewall
  • Side Screen & Table chairs

DJ Music party at wedding celebration

This family plans to celebrate their wedding celebrations with full of DJ music entertaining platform, asking about very enjoyable moment and put hand together with friends and relatives.

“wedding, the blessed moment for new life”

Extract Good Event Management Company

Event Management Coimbatore
Event Management Companies

How to extract Good Event Management company?

People searching for the best event management company, they started to work for this before a week or month ago. It may be wedding stage decorations, Corporate event arrangements,Birthday party, School Annual day, College Cultural day, Inauguration and all event decorations in coimbatore.

People filtering 2 or 3 companies and chosen the best and less price is good enough? people couldn’t see the product quality and range is good or not, they just happy about their bargain and negotiation.

  • First see, professional and pleasant way of approach.
  • Second thing, the past event work quality, its not all about grand appearance and also for good perfection.
  • next, gave you positive solution for all your expectation and needs.
  • last, gave you creative ideas beyond your knowledge.

Keep your all burden and works to event managers, its possible to elevate more module to do in your events.