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Backdrop Decorations Coimbatore

Backdrop Decorations at Melky Celebrations are assured to enrich the hype of the atmosphere thus bring the attention of the backdrop setting done by our experts. The variant backdrop decorations depends upon the atmosphere that event is going to be engaged.

We categorized the event before making the pattern for the event. Then finalizing the decorations with our decor artist who may have the vast experience and knowledge about the decoration and complete the decoration in time without any compromises.


Backdrop Modules:

  1. Display backdrops
  2. Flex backdrops
  3. LED backdrops
  4. Curtains
  5. Floral
  6. Poly vinyl rolls
  7. Fabric coats
  8. Chiffons
  9. Stand-up roll
  10. White and Black Iron
  11. Grecian column backdrop

Depending upon the event to be engaged the backdrop layout is chosen and various detailed are deployed to enhance the appearance of the backdrop that is to be done in a mentioned time limit.

There are different kinds of backdrop decorations are available and categorized under following.

  • Wedding backdrop decorations (traditional layouts, Contemporary  layouts)
  • Birthday  backdrop decorations (Cartoon theme, Customized theme)
  • Alumni meet backdrop decoration
  • Corporate backdrop decorations
  • Concert backdrop decorations

Above mentioned decorative layouts are summarized and finalized with the rightful person engaging the event.

We at Melky providing best in class service to the event and enrich the surroundings with drastic decorations.

Backdrop Features:

The innovations are now challenge to every creative works, especially its come true in backdrop, world now concentrate to notify what the subject is presented on that screen, so way of display the background design as professional and well focused. Its probably  using for advertising , display board, special occasion and for business.

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