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Photography and Videos

At Melky Celebrations Photographers are enriched with lot of knowledge and as well as good creativity make them shine in their carriers with lot of experience. We categorize the photography into two

  • Indoor Photography
  • Outdoor Photography

Indoor Photography:

Indoor Photography such as wedding, conference meet, alumni meet, get together and birthday parties. We are provided with different set of lighting equipments and various art work which may provide unique surroundings with high defined camera and video capturing devices.

Wedding and birthday parties are enriched with different sort of theme and backdrop settings and various lighting devices.

Conference and alumni meet photography are enriched with the expert photographers and perfect lighting equipments.

Outdoor Photography:

Outdoor photography are those are taken by the experts with creative ideas in different locations. The events like sports activity and outdoor get together as they don’t need any lighting equipment because of sunlight, so expert can take care of the event without any obstacles.

Outdoor Photography such as wildlife photography, journal photography etc….


Photographic Equipment:

Indoor Cameras: Wide, Primes, Standard, Telephoto etc..

Outdoor Cameras: Max mirroless, Alpha etc…

Ideas and Styles of Photography:

Exclusive trend of Photography:

  • Candid
  • Studio Portrait
  • Wildlife
  • Celebrity Shoot
  • Journalism
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Landscape
  • Wedding
  • Birthday etc..,

PhotographyExclusive trend of Video:

  • Live Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Full HD Video Coverage
  • Documentry
  • Montage Video
  • Vogue
  • Grace

Portrait Styles:

  • Bridal Portrait
  • Traditional Portrait
  • Environmental Portrait
  • Candid Portrait
  • Glamour Portrait
  • Lifestyle Portrait
  • Surreal Portrait
  • Conceptual Portrait
  • Abstract Portrait

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